Dillon Francis Drops Full “Hava Nagila” Remix As Free Download


Over the holiday weekend, Dillon Francis began teasing his remix of the highly recognizable Israeli folk song “Hava Nagila.” Created for his co-headlining Dillstradamus show in Los Angeles, the remix sees the producer delivering an electrified dancefloor version of the familiar song that works surprisingly well. Following the performance, Dillon Francis has now uploaded the full remix and made it available as a free download for fans.

The “Hava Nagila” rework kicks off with some punchy drum loops as the song’s well known melody begins to repeat. Dillon Francis works the energy up into an explosive hardstyle build up section complete with gabber style kicks, before introducing a catchy dubstep drop with metallic bass stabs, half time rhythms and a whining synth lead.

Talking about his decision to take on the iconic song, the producer explains that he felt there were already too many Christmas remixes floating around.

So yesterday before the Dillstradamus show i was thinking to myself there are way too many Christmas remixes so I decided to make this Hanukkah flip for the lolz, to play at the show, and for the first night of Hanukkah of course! heres a free download! The menorah is about to be fucking lit. Can’t wait to see everyone dancing the hora! Happy Hanukkah!

Not many producers could pull off a “Hava Nagila” remix with style, but Dillon Francis proves he’s up to the task with an awesome rendition of the famous tune. He’s also offered up the remix as a free download, so be sure to grab your copy here.