Dillon Francis Drops Music Video For Will Heard Collab “Anywhere”


Dillon Francis confounded expectations last month with the release of his collaboration with British singer songwriter Will Heard, eschewing his usual dance music madness for a more refined radio friendly sound. With some excellent topline efforts courtesy of Heard and the sort of pop meets tropical vibe we’ve heard from other mainstream producers like Calvin Harris and Major Lazer, “Anywhere” ranks among Francis’ most accessible work.

This week, the producer dropped a surreal music video for the collaborative single, offering up a strange visual concept that sees EDM’s funnyman being sewn into some bizarre clothing and worn by various models during a photoshoot. It doesn’t exactly suit the theme of the song well, but this is Dillon Francis we’re talking about here and it’s definitely an entertaining approach. The whole video features markedly high production values and a vibrant color scheme, which just makes the strange visuals that much more outrageous.

The production on “Anywhere” may see Dillon Francis progressing in style, but it’s good to know his comedic charm is still the same. With some trippy imagery and a lighthearted touch, the new music video is another memorable outing for the “Get Low” producer.

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