Dillon Francis And NGHTMRE’s “Need You” Gets Remixed


Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE’s collaboration on “Need You” turned out to be a huge release when it officially dropped back in May, and their joint effort has finally received an epic remix collection this week that takes the original track in a wide variety of different directions.

The Brillz and Trav Piper remix is the highlight of the collection with its electrifying blend of festival trap beats and spastic leads and growling bass. The two producers bring some serious energy to their mix, switching things up with a drum and bass infused second drop. ShockOne delivers a grating dubstep workout, while A Boy & Girl get funky on their rework with wild metallic synths and mind bending rhythms.

The “Need You” remix pack brings plenty of diversity to the table, and given that there’s so many excellent renditions of the single present on the pack, we’re sure you’ll have a hard time figuring out which one is your favorite.

Source: Your EDM

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