Dillon Francis And Party Favor Nerd Out In “Shut It Down” Video


Back in August, Dillon Francis and Party Favor released their high octane collaboration “Shut It Down,” a driving dancefloor tune sporting a blend between Francis’ moombah influences and rowdy festival trap. With bass heavy rhythms and catchy vocal chop melodies, the collab ranked as another solid effort from both producers and now they’re back to offer up an official music video for “Shut It Down.”

In the clip, Dillon Francis and Party Favor star as dissatisfied corporate nerds who hate their jobs. The two producers maintain a tenuous relationship with their co-workers, who bombard them with extra work and office pranks, before their boss ultimately fires them. This is where things take a fun turn, as Dillon Francis and Party Favor vow to get even with their former co-workers with a series of outrageous office revenge shenanigans. And don’t worry, Gerald the piñata makes a small cameo as well.

All in all, the “Shut It Down” video is a humorous tie-in to the collaboration that’s well worth watching. Dillon Francis is as charismatic as ever in the new music video, and he and Party Favor prove that they have as much chemistry on screen as they do in the studio.