Dillon Francis Premieres His Calvin Harris Collaboration


Dillon Francis has kept us waiting for the songs on his new EP, but it looks like the wait is finally over. Last year’s album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule marked a move towards the mainstream for the EDM community’s class clown, but a to-do list he shared with us earlier in the year revealed plans to return to his moombahton roots. It also teased at a collaboration between Francis and international superstar DJ Calvin Harris – and at long last, we get to hear what they’ve had on the back burner.

At Go HARD Toronto, Francis debuted an ID that couldn’t really be anything other than a joint effort between the two artists. In typical Calvin Harris fashion, it begins with poppy synth stacks and a soulful female vocal sample (which has earned the ID the working title “What’s Your Name”). However, after an invigorating build-up, it drops into a busy moombahton beat with the cascading barrage of sound effects that Francis is known for.

The collaboration is only one of many that Francis has hinted at over the past several months, including the likes of Skrillex, Kygo and Flosstradamus. We expect more singles to come out over the next couple of months, with the new EP coming out in August, so stay tuned for more.

For now, however, take a listen above and tell us, does this track make you as excited as we are for Dillon Francis‘ upcoming moombahton EP?

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