Dillon Francis Previews Remix Of Skrillex’s “Red Lips”


The EDM blogosphere has been more or less unanimously in favor of  Skrillex’s “Red Lips;” not only does the track feature an instantly recognizable vocal sample, but it also keeps from betraying the bass music icon’s signature sound. It looks like Dillon Francis regarded it highly as well, because he’s revealed that he’s working on his very own remix.

Both artists have already spent a sizable chunk of their careers collaborating together and remixing each other, but Dillon Francis was excited enough about this remix to share a phone recording of an early version of it on his Snapchat account. By the sound of it, he’s switched up the rhythm to make it more upbeat – but since this is only a small clip, the breadth of his contributions remains to be seen.

After you’ve given Dillon Francis‘ remix of Skrillex’s “Red Lips” a listen, make a trip to the comments section and let us know which version you like better.