Dillon Francis Puts An Electro House Spin On Galantis’ No Money


Galantis’ “No Money” has seen numerous remixes in the months following its debut at Ultra Music Festival, and Dillon Francis is just the latest to try his hand at changing up the track. But for what the EDM class clown usually turns out, it leaves something to be desired.

A riskless synth lead ushers in a decidedly main stage-friendly buildup at the beginning of Francis’ “No Money” remix, as each new layer of sound arrives predictably at every eighth beat. Next comes a fairly straightforward electro house bass drop whose sound design might have been impressive if he released it years ago.

It’s not an awful track to be sure, but with Dillon Francis’ penchant for next-level production values and outside-the-box concepts you can’t help but feel that he phoned it in on this project. With festival house becoming as passé as it is in 2016, an artist as capable as he is can be expected to constantly innovate.

Nonetheless, Dillon Francis‘ remix of Galantis’ “No Money” will undoubtedly make it into plenty of DJ sets over the coming months, so be sure to familiarize yourself with it by giving it a listen in the player above.