Dillon Francis Teases GTA Collaboration Via Snapchat


Dillon Francis must not have gotten his entire GTA fix by editing Skrillex’s remix of the duo’s early 2015 track “Red Lips,” because he appears to have spent some time with them in the studio as well. On his Snapchat story, the EDM class clown has previewed a sample of what they’re working on that – in true Dillon Francis fashion – is weirdly entertaining in its own right.

Francis shared the quirky clip to his Snapchat story, which GTA then shared via Twitter:

Even though it’s only eight seconds, you can pick out the hallmarks of both Francis and GTA’s signature style. A vaguely moombahton rhythm cuts out before a vocal sample that sounds to have been contributed by Lil Jon sounds off, and then savagely trumpeting synths at the drop give it a decidedly trap inclination.

While neither camp has made a title or release date available, Dillon Francis and GTA fans should keep on the lookout for this track as they’re sure to release it sooner rather than later.

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