Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Are Bringing The World The Madness In This New Video


Tomorrowland resident DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike recently touched down in their hometown, Antwerp, to play their Bringing The World The Madness show to 40,000 fans. Over the course of two back-to-back concerts, the duo put on an unforgettable spectacle, playing two-hour sets each night and setting the crowd on fire.

Now, DV&LM have uploaded the entire thing to their YouTube channel so that the rest of us can see the results of their first ever world tour project. Admittedly, it’s a mesmerizing set, featuring top-notch production, several unreleased tracks, killer mash-ups and so much more. Plus, Dim Mak head honcho Steve Aoki makes a surprise appearance, which amps up the excitement and energy even more.

DV&LM always put on a wild show, and their new global tour looks to be no different. They’re both fantastic entertainers and definitely know how to throw a good party. If you haven’t yet seen them live, definitely try to catch one of their Bringing The World The Madness shows.

Check out the video above to see the madness for yourself and be sure to stay tuned as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will be bringing the world the madness all throughout 2015, with the next tour stop planned for Mexico on January 31st!

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