Diplo Charms CBS This Morning In Recent Interview


Looking smart in simple glass frames and a timeless white button-up, Wesley “Diplo” Pentz just charmed millions of Americans with an appearance on CBS This Morning, discussing a range of topics with Charlie Rose and company. Now that electronic music has reached its zenith, it seems the world’s biggest producers are finally gaining the attention of mainstream media.

During the interview, Diplo explains that electronic music belongs to youth culture, and that its accessibility is part of the genre’s allure, saying, “any kid can pick up a laptop and make music.” A great case being”Lean On,” currently the 35th most watched YouTube video ever, and it’s been on the Billboard Hot 100 for 29 consecutive weeks, but the track was written in a bedroom sized studio.

He freely admits to not being the greatest at instrumental ability, but makes a firm stand that he does consider himself a musician, and that the legitimacy of electronic production is not to be dismissed.

Of course, Diplo has worked with some of the biggest names in pop music, including Justin Bieber and Madonna, which is a clear depiction of his esteem within the industry. Regarding his work with Madonna, he’s quick to point out the timeless qualities of well written music, regardless of genre or trends. But, perhaps most interesting was Diplo’s comment that extensive touring is the modern method for artists to communicate with their audience, a new way to distribute their music through live shows.

Especially after his Jack Ü interview with Charlie Rose, Diplo has continued to impress us with poise and articulation when he speaks about music. It’s refreshing to see personas cast aside and catch a glimpse of the real person behind the game. Still, it’s worth noting that he almost got Nora to twerk on CBS This Morning… That’s saying something.

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