Diplo Talks Jack U Mixtape And Dishes On How He And Skrillex Make Tracks


Did you catch Diplo‘s second appearance on Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything)? If you missed all the excitement, the DJ divulged some very juicy details, ranging from Jack U original track releases, his new 12 track release and even how he dug-up and re-polished some old tunes that we’re going to be hearing very soon.

Since Jack U’s inception and amazing live performance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, the world has not been able to get enough of the Diplo/Skrillex collaboration, and the internet has been constantly buzzing in hopes of original content from the powerhouse production duo. Diplo, the king of making girls twerk, and Skrillex, brostep/dubstep superstar, are a pair of two of the game’s hottest producers who have their audiences in a frenzy to hear what they can do when their beautiful minds come together.

During the Reddit AMA, Diplo spoke about their plans in the not-so-distance future:

“we are doing a mixtape… its gonna be very cool.. first single is called “take you there” w Kiesza. i wanna try and get a stream of it out this week.”

He then went on to type about his long-standing relationship with friend Sonny Moore a.k.a Skrillex and their process of coming together to create some of the hottest tracks in EDM:

“I’ve been working with sonny for about 5 years.. he was one of the first producers i met when i moved to LA.. and we just always been really close musically with our ideas. we made a song for his EP around bangarang that we never finished called amplifier that was remade actually and was pretty cool.. he even sang and played guitar on a few major lazer demos for me.. I have about 45 songs in the pool for the new record so I’m not sure what’s gonna make it.. but jack u we just make the songs really randomly in DTLA or random places in hotel rooms very quickly.”

A fan was also curious about Switch leaving Major Lazer. Diplo went on to explain the falling out, but was sure to emphasize that they’re still cool:

“yeh it was never really something he loved.. from the begining it kinda was like i would wirte the records he would mix them.. and then as i started touring .. he didnt want to tour .. thats basically it.. so i started to mix them myself or bring in guest for me.. i will say this . switch is probably the best and most progressive mixer ive ever worked with and he works with female vocals like a renaissance painter… hes stil a boss im meeting him tomorrow”

He then also informed his army of loyal fans, who have been eagerly awaiting more content from their favorite Mad Decent head honcho, about the touch-up and re-release of his 2004 debut LP, Florida:

“we are reissueing the album again in november..i dug up like 3 demos and touched them up . they are very very crazy in that old style i used to work in”

When asked about his Instagram pic with hip-hop/R&B superstar Usher, Diplo responded:

“me and GTA did a trip hop record with usher for the new major lazer album…or usher album which ever one gets it.”

Last, but certainly not least, Diplo dropped a huge teaser about his missing collaboration with the one and only Kanye West:

“we did a couple of records around watch the throne i dont know what happened to them”

These are just a few bullet points from the text. Want to read the whole thing? Check it out here and keep an eye on We Got This Covered, as we’ll be sure to bring you more from Diplo as we get it.