Dirty South Drops Hypnotizing New Song “All Of Us”


Dirty South dropped some new material over the weekend, delivering a hypnotizing song titled “All Of Us.” In a quote with Billboard, the Serbian-Australian DJ described the new track, stating “I love making emotional and meaningful dance music and this one is exactly that, featuring a beautiful voice of Arielle from indie band ANIMA!”

“All Of Us” features a restrained production, blending Dirty South’s dancefloor leanings with solid songwriting. The verses are largely percussion free, focusing on a drifting pluck sound and the ghostly vocals. Dirty South starts to mix in a building rhythm, leading in to a unique drop that features a rolling house beat and a pulsing bassline.

“All Of Us” gets points for managing to forge an original sound in the crowded world of dance music, pushed forward by the songwriting contributions from ANIMA. The track is just the first taste of a new collection of songs from Dirty South, who says he has a full length album in the works. No date was given for when we can expect it, but be sure to stay tuned for more over the coming months.