Dirty South And Rudy Drop New Single “Just Dream”


Dirty South has teamed up with his longtime collaborator Rudy on a new single over the weekend titled “Just Dream.” The Serbian-Australian producer crafts a stunning production on the new effort in a similar vein to his recent single “All Of Us,” and Rudy’s vocal performance pushes the song to the next level.

“Just Dream” opens with a haunting choral section before Rudy’s layered vocal harmonies enter the mix alongside light percussion. After an ethereal introduction, Dirty South builds the energy up into the drops, which features rolling house beats, rhythmic synth sequences and offbeat piano interludes. “Just Dream” bounces back and forth between serene verses and energetic crescendos, creating a dynamic sound.

Dirty South‘s latest effort strikes a balance between sparse vocal driven sections and meticulously produced dance floor material, delivering yet another memorable release with Rudy.

“Just Dream” is available now via Phazing and can be purchased here.