Dirty South’s Beautiful Now Remix Improves Upon The Original


Remixes have been part of dance music since the very beginning, and Dirty South‘s rendition of Zedd’s “Beautiful Now” stands out as a clear example of why that’s a good thing. We weren’t shy about our feelings towards the original track, which appeared on the Zedd’s sophomore album, True Colors, but we were pleasantly surprised to hear that Dirty South’s version of the otherwise shrug-worthy song breathed new life into it.

Having released his own album not that long ago, Dirty South is no stranger to turning radio-friendly progressive house numbers, and his “Beautiful Now” remix follows that formula to a T. Trance-y synths compliment Jon Bellion’s spirited vocals, ascending until a drop set against a fist-pumping, euphoric melody. While it doesn’t exactly take any creative risks, it works – which is more than we could say for the original.

That said, we would like to know what you think of Dirty South‘s remix of Zedd’s “Beautiful Now.” Do you think it’s better or worse, and why? Sound off in the comments section.