Disclosure Shares Variation In Production Of “Nocturnal” ft. The Weeknd


There have certainly been stranger ways for an artist to release an update to one of their tracks, but Disclosure didn’t exactly take the tried-and-true route either. The Surrey, England brothers have released a variation in production of their celebrated collaboration with The Weeknd, “Nocturnal,” but if you’re not dedicated enough you might not even hear the meat of it.

The VIP starts out as little more than a sped-up version of the original, with only slight differences in mixing and arrangement. Only about halfway through does the addition of new percussive elements and funky, analogue-reminiscent synth work take it on a decidedly Disclosure tangent, with only scant echoes of the original top line breaking through to the surface.

Perhaps this VIP of Disclosure and The Weeknd’s “Nocturnal” is a sign that we can start to expect new music from the duo now that the dust has settled from the release of Caracal last year? Either way, check out the track above and let us know what you think.

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