Disclosure’s Hourglass Makes Time Stand Still


Disclosure must have sensed that your queue was lacking sexy, soulful house music on this fine Monday, so they’ve come to the rescue with “Hourglass.” The latest from their upcoming sophomore effort, Caracal, this track features a top line by vocalist Lion Babe that adds to the Surrey, England brothers’ repertoire of collaborators.

Of course, that’s not to discount the quality of the production itself. “Hourglass” is classic, timeless Disclosure: rubbery organ synths in an understated marriage with punchy percussion that builds towards a club-friendly groove. Like much of their discography, this is music that can work in any context – be it a nightclub, concert hall or festival.

What’s more, the duo has teased their highly anticipated Lorde collaboration, “Magnets.” If you’ve been itching for a taste of this track as much as we have, listen to the snippet in the video below.

Let us know what you think of Disclosure‘s “Hourglass” by making a trip down to the comments section, and check back with us for more updates on Caracal as they become available.