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Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness Get A Grip In New Single

Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness latest track is a brilliant return to the vibrant house you know and love.

Disco Killerz & Sarah Charness have done it again, this time with vibrant production titled “Grip.” It’s a rather delicate track, returning to the melodic house you know and love.

Wasting little time to start, Charness provides a majestic string accompaniment to embellish the poetic melodies as electric chimes sound for a breakdown. Continuing into the bridge, energetic keyboards are balanced by a thoughtful ambience as Jem Cooke’s vocal talent climbs throughout the progression. The kick is just right, they’ve dialled the synths for a proper atmosphere, and “Grip’s” percussion offers a crisp rhythm.

Overall, it’s a joyous tune, and they’ve done us all a solid and released it as a free download. Have a listen above and let us know what you think!

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