DJ Carlo Atendido Performs Live Routine Of The Chainsmokers’ “Roses”


The Chainsmokers’ “Roses” played no small part in redefining the New York City-based duo in 2015, and now it’s received a particularly effective form of flattery as well. DJ Carlo Atendido has released a video of himself performing a live turntablist routine of the track as a means of showcasing his impressive skills as a DJ.

Atendido’s performance makes for an especially engaging mixture of old and new DJ techniques. By scratching with time-coded vinyl records on turntables run through Serato as well as triggering hot cues, samples and effects through a midi controller mounted above his mixer, the DJ makes improvisational edits in real time that add a layer of depth to the already celebrated track.

The video was directed and edited by Vince Cabrera and incorporates the artwork of Ally Munda. The Chainsmokers themselves also posted the video to their Facebook page, complimenting Atendido on his “sick Roses routine.”

If nothing else, DJ Carlo Atendido‘s “Roses” routine demonstrates that classic DJ styles can work in harmony with more cutting-edge technology. With the attention his video has garnered, perhaps he and other real DJs will continue to have a place in electronic music culture as it rapidly evolves.