DJ Khaled Leaks His Slot On Coachella’s 2017 Lineup


In a new video, DJ Khaled has accidentally leaked that he will be a performer at Coachella 2017. The video was likely taken from one of Khaled’s numerous social media posts and was filmed by one of his associates, who judging from the clip itself seems rather inebriated and probably didn’t realize what they were inadvertently capturing on camera.

The video depicts the DJ speaking with what we presume is a member of his management team as she asks “So we’ve already confirmed Coachella, right?” To Which DJ Khaled replies that his slot on the 2017 Coachella lineup has been locked in.

It isn’t the first festival leak of this nature we’ve seen in recent memory. The internet was swept up last week when an alleged lineup poster for Lollapalooza Chile purported that the robo duo would serve as headliners at the festival next year. While those rumors no longer appear to be credible, it appears that anticipation over the lineups for next year’s festival season is already hitting a fever pitch. As 2017 draws closer, we suspect we’ll have a few more leaked lineups to ponder over.

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