DJ Snake Puts Tropical Spin On A George Maple Hit In “Talk”


DJ Snake has earned such a reputation as a hitmaker in recent years that his latest release is bound to garner some attention – whether or not it’s actually deserving of it. The French DJ/producer has offered up “Talk,” which features vocals from Australian songstress George Maple that originally came from her 2014 track, “Talk Talk.”

First of all, how is this song not listed as a remix? DJ Snake’s 2013 remix of AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It” featured entirely different production elements than the original, but even then he didn’t list it as an original track. “Talk,” meanwhile, borrows heavily from the chord progressions of its source material, so to imply that it’s an original track seems kind of unfair.

For that matter, the sound design of DJ Snake’s reimagining doesn’t come close to competing with that of the original. Its sample pack-y piano chords and pan flute synths don’t do a great deal to set it apart from other post-EDM tracks, and ultimately make it one of his less impressive releases.

Be that as it may, DJ Snake‘s “Talk” will undoubtedly receive massive support across the festival circuit. After checking it out for yourself above, visit the comments section and let us know what you think.