DJ Snake Goes Hard With “Propaganda”


The EDM world has begun to associate DJ Snake with melodic, radio-friendly tracks like “You Know You Like It” and “Lean On,” so the Frenchman traveled back in time to tap into his heavier roots. In the form of “Propaganda,” he’s unleashed a ravenous dubstep banger that’s unabashedly bassier than anything else he’s put out recently – and no matter where you fall on the track, you can’t deny that it’s nice to see an artist of his caliber take such a risk.

Brimming with bass wobbles so reverb heavy that you can practically feel each one slam into you, “Propaganda” almost even bears similarities to a hardstyle track in a couple sections. With only sparse vocal samples contributing to its ambience, the song makes for a decidedly dissonant – yet not entirely unwelcome – departure from DJ Snake’s recent releases.

“Propaganda” is the first of many releases from DJ Snake‘s upcoming album, and it’s available for free download until 11:00 PM PST on December 24th. After checking it out, let us know what you think of the track by sounding off in the comments section below.