DJ Snake’s Got Another Hit On His Hands With Middle


We might just be ushering in the age of DJ Snake.

The Parisian DJ/producer born William Grigahcine proved himself more than a one-trick pony following the overwhelming mainstream success of 2013’s “You Know You Like It” (which I still bump when I can be bothered to get off my hipster horse, might I admit) when he and Major Lazer’s “Lean On” became an unofficial anthem of the 2015 festival season. Now, he’s delivered another solid piece of pop-tinged bass music in the form of “Middle.”

Featuring subtle future bass elements as well as soulful vocals by British singer Bipolar Sunshine, “Middle” makes for a markedly more somber accompaniment to Grigahcene’s better-known tracks. Serenely filtered pluck synths and a less-is-more piano roll underscore the top line before pitch-shifted vocals and a distinctly danceable hook melody take over.

The track might not be quite as memorable as Grigahcene’s previous two slam dunks, but considering what Diplo turned out trying to recapture some of the magic of “Lean On” by teaming up again with MØ on a recent track, it still makes for a respectable addition to the DJ Snake discography.

Speaking of which, “Middle” is actually the first track from his upcoming LP, which he’s revealed will drop in the winter. Check back with us for more from DJ Snake leading up to the effort’s official release.