Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Team Up For A Monstrous EP


Doctor P and Flux Pavilion are back, and they’ve packed in an absolutely scrumptious three track EP titled Party Drink Smoke.

The title track is a rousing call to party, instigating standard off-the-wall behavior, bar crawls, and general hounding through the streets. And once “Party Drink Smoke” has its way with your ears, “Fuckers” is ready to go for round two. This second track boasts a rather pleasantly pitched melody above an aggressively acidic bassline, which is the twisted atop a funky breakdown. Seriously, these two have channeled all the rowdiness of dubstep’s heyday and wrapped it up in the playfulness of 2016.

“Stampede” rounds out the EP with some more traditional rave trap stabs and voluptuous percussion. Cue a brutal aural assault on with this one, and prepare yourself eyebrows to take on an inescapable rage face.

While Doctor P and Flux Pavilion are forces on their own, together they form the lifeblood of Circus Records, bringing us the whomping of  bass since 2009.

Have a listen to their Party Drink Smoke above, and be sure to show your support on iTunes.