Don Diablo Teases “Silence” Ft. Dave Thomas Jr.


Don Diablo hatched a genius plan for his upcoming release: He’s only teased the good part. For how successful of a year 2015 turned out to be for him, the Hexagon Records label head’s own productions are prone to eccentricities that render them nearly unlistenable – but this clip of his Dave Thomas Jr. collaboration, “Silence,” is too short to get to that part.

After all, tracks like “On My Mind” and “Tonight” at least keep you interested until the melody at the drop wages a full-on assault on your senses. In the segment of “Silence” that Don Diablo has previewed, however, you only hear Thomas’ crisp vocals underscored by a simple yet elegant piano melody.

And for that matter, for all I know “Silence” could be the first Don Diablo track that doesn’t fill me with a violent, burning hatred. I can’t say that I’m holding out hope, but if you are, then keep on the lookout for an official release date.