D.R.A.M. Performs “Broccoli” On Conan With Travis Barker


D.R.A.M. is quickly rising up as one of the most promising hip-hop artists in the game. Bursting onto the scene with his breakout single, “Broccoli,” the rapper is making moves both on the charts and in real life.

His recently released debut album, Big Baby D.R.A.M., is expected to have a satisfying first week, while “Broccoli” continues to move up the pop radio charts. His recent live performance on Conan, meanwhile, has that star power to it that you’d expect from someone with such a likable personality.

Hitting the Conan stage this week, D.R.A.M. brings out the big guns to help bring “Broccoli” to life in a live setting. Starting off with a slow-tempo with vocals as the focal point, the song morphs into the album version a minute in with charisma shown throughout. The highlight of the performance is actually not D.R.A.M., but who he enlisted to take the reins behind the drumset. Blink-182’s Travis Barker does his thing in the back, adding some additional energy to the track that you didn’t know could be found.

Barker, despite his role in his very pop-oriented pop-punk band, has a long storied history with hip-hop, so his contribution to D.R.A.M.’s band is no surprise. If anything, Barker shows that he’s the king of all genres, effortlessly inserting himself in a style that isn’t the sole reason for his paychecks.

D.R.A.M., on the other hand, will eventually have to leave his infectious “Broccoli” behind for a new single, but judging by the songs on his album, he should have no problem following it up.

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