Drew From The Chainsmokers Uploads Tutorial For “Roses” Synth Lead


The Chainsmokers‘ “Roses” played no small part in helping the NYC-based duo redefine themselves in 2015 after “#SELFIE” put them on the map the year before. The iconic synth lead at its drop has dominated the airwaves in the months since, and now one half of the duo, Drew Taggart, has taken it upon himself to break down the sound design process for fans.

In what he admits is his first ever tutorial video, Taggart shows the audience how he used the various oscillators and filters of virtual analogue synthesizer plugin, Sylenth, to turn a rudimental arpeggio into the iconic melody.

It’s an interesting look into the production of the song, and should be useful to anyone who’s into producing and more specifically, has been eager to know how The Chainsmokers put together the synth lead for their hit track.

Check out the video above and as always, drop a comment below letting us know what you think.