Dua Lipa Shares Acoustic Version Of “Blow Your Mind”


Some artists just scream “superstar,” and that’s the vibe you get from UK pop songstress Dua Lipa. The 21-year-old has been ruling the charts overseas with her single “Hotter Than Hell,” but her recent track, “Blow Your Mind (Mwah),” hits even harder. Today, Dua dropped the acoustic version of the latter, because even the best parties sometimes need an intermission.

Though it has the word “acoustic” in its title, don’t be fooled. This is hardly your regularly scheduled acoustic number with a basic guitar in the background. The song is filled with a fun piano line and handclaps, and Dua Lipa’s vocals are as powerful as always. She somehow doesn’t lose any intensity despite the stylistic differences between the two, but that’s probably part of the reason she’s one of the most exciting artists currently in the pop game.

Whether you prefer the acoustic or the original version of “Blow Your Mind (Mwah),” you can expect the track to be featured on Dua Lipa’s debut studio album, which is set for release on February 10th. From the songs out thus far, it seems as though the self-titled record is going to sound like a hybrid of the best stuff from Cher Lloyd and Jessie J with an original spin – it’ll undoubtedly become an early frontrunner for some of the best potential pop of next year.