Duke Dumont Chronicles A Chicago House Legend


The house don, Duke Dumont, has just blasted the world with Blasé Boys Club Pt. 1, and damn is it good…

He’s bottled up the 80’s evocative synths and emotionally charged vocals to an absolute T, making this a standout EP for 2015. But what else would you expect from the Duke? Amongst the four song EP are some insane dance tracks, but the standout is certainly “Robert Talking.”

Doubtless inspired by Daft Punk’s homage to Giorgio Moroder, “Robert Talking” features the soothing words of legendary Chicago house vocalist Robert Owens. It’s a seven minute recount of early Chi-town’s house scene set to some gloriously funky guitar. This format of packaging infectious dance with a bit of history is proving to be more than pleasant, and I won’t be the least bit surprised to see this track penetrating disco sets around the world.

Available now via iTunes, don’t sleep on snatching up the latest from Duke Dumont.