Dusky Reveal Official Release Date And Track List For Outer


It’s been a few months since Dusky announced their upcoming album, Outer, but the effort finally has an official release date and track list. Due on September 30th, the effort will consist of 11 songs that push the London duo’s stylistic boundaries.

In addition, Dusky have uploaded their second single from the effort: “Sort It Out Sharon.” Unfortunately, the track’s synthesis between techno and UK grime (owing in no small part to emotive verses by British emcee Wiley) comes across as forced compared to what they delivered previously with “Ingrid Is A Hybrid.”

Noteworthy features on the upcoming album include UK DJ/producer Pedestrian on “Spruce” and Solomon Grey on “Long Wait.” In addition, Dusky’s own Alfie Granger-Howell has contributed vocals on “Marble.”

Dusky‘s Outer still has two and a half months before its release, so it stands to reason that the duo will allow more music from the effort to trickle out in the weeks to come.


1. All I Ever Needed
2. Tiers
3. Runny Nose
4. Trough
5. Sort It Out Sharon feat. Wiley
6. Long Wait feat. Solomon Grey
7. Songs Of Phase
8. Swansea feat. Gary Numan
9. Marble (vocals by Alfie Granger-Howell)
10. Ingrid Is A Hybrid
11. Spruce feat. Pedestrian