One Half Of DVBBS Arrested For Possesion


One half of EDM duo DVBBS was arrested in Atlanta last night for drug possession. After a disappointing set, which was cut short due to there not being enough people in the crowd, the boys returned to their hotel room. While there, Chris was arrested for having “half a joint” on him. Even more ridiculous is the fact that three cops were there to handle the situation.

Check out Chris’ account of the events below:

While I’m not in any way endorsing drug use or breaking the law, I do have to agree with Chris. It’s a bit ridiculous that the city’s resources are being wasted on stuff like this. Even if they did want to arrest him, I don’t see why they needed three officers to do so. I highly doubt that he put up much of a fight.

But I guess that’s just the world we live in, right?