DVBBS Drop New Genre Spanning EP Beautiful Disaster


DVBBS are back today with their most mesmerizing material to date with the new Beautiful Disaster EP. Despite making their name in the big room arena, the Canadian DJ duo have steadily been changing their image in recent memory with songs like “La La Land” with Shaun Frank and Delaney Jane, and the new collection sees them delivering their most diverse offering yet. Released via their own KANARY imprint, the Beautiful Disaster EP features a number of collaborators, most notably rapper Juicy J.

Over the span of six tracks, DVBBS offer up a genre bending collection of songs that touch on trap, house and future pop. Tracks like the Juicy J collab “Moonrock” and “24K” serve as the EP’s more energetic moments as they deliver hard hitting trap beats and blaring bass.

The EP really shines on its softer material though, with tracks like “Doja” and “Not Going Home” bringing uplifting rhythms and languid production values set against intrinsically catchy vocals. Opener “Wicked Ways,” meanwhile, ranks as a gorgeous piano driven tune featuring Stella Rio, before moving on to kinetic drops with crashing beats and sampled vocal melodies.

DVBBS have really pushed the boundaries of their early material to arrive at Beautiful Disaster, bringing a melodic EP to the table that few would have expected from them at the beginning of their career. With plenty of top notch tunes, the new outing is definitely a strong release for the duo.