DVBBS’ Never Leave Is Pure Main Stage Feels


The first of many DVBBS tracks since the announcement of the duo’s debut album has arrived, taking the form of the saccharine progressive house anthem “Never Leave.” The DJ/producers haven’t explicitly said that the track would appear on their upcoming effort, but given the timing, it’s safe to assume that that’s the case.

Featuring infectiously catchy vocals by an as-yet unidentified vocalist, “Never Leave” evokes imagery of ecstatic festival crowds jumping up and down with each euphoric peak. Nothing about the production really takes any artistic risks, and rumors circulating suggest that DVBBS rely heavily on ghostwriters anyways – but at least the track just plain works.

With no official release date for DVBBS’ new album in sight, it’s difficult to know when to expect more music from the Canadian duo. Nonetheless, “Never Leave” itself will come out through Spinnin’ on October 2nd.

Stay tuned for further updates on DVVBS new album or other releases by checking back with us in the coming weeks.