DVBBS Go Melodic With Their New Track Always


Taking a breather from the pounding drums, blaring horns and huge drops often associated with their music, Canadian duo DVBBS have gone the more melodic route for their new track, “Always.”

Released today along with an interesting music video, the song boasts a female vocal laid over a much more soothing sound than we’re used to hearing from them. Full of uplifting synths and an almost tropical vibe, it’s a definite departure for the boys, but a welcome one nonetheless.

As for the visuals, we see Chris and Alex travelling the globe as they visit exotic locations such as Thailand, Australia and Switzerland, all while bringing their wild live shows along with them. Produced as a thank you to their fans for all of the support, DVBBS has also made the track available as a free download, and you can grab a copy right here.

Take a listen to “Always” in the video above and let us know your thoughts. Do you like this new direction that DVBBS are heading in? Or would you prefer to see them return to their usual bangers? Sound off below!