DVBBS Return With New Single “Ur On My Mind”

Though the summer has been wrought with controversy and bad press for DVBBS, the Canadian DJ duo are rising above as they return with a new single titled “Ur On My Mind.” Their latest effort continues the evolution of their sound following up on their single with Shaun Frank and Delaney Jane on “La La Land.”

“Ur On My Mind” features a sun soaked production, kicking off with a pleasing piano progression as club rhythms enter the mix. The beats cut out to make way for a catchy vocal track before a build up leads the tune into the drop, driven by four on the floor drum patterns, uplifting melody chops and a rolling bassline.

A far cry from tracks like “Tsunami” that brought DVBBS to fame, the duo’s latest single sees them continuing to forge productions centered around poppy vocals and melody – and we definitely like what we hear.

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