Dzeko Drops New Single “Liberty,” His First Without Torres


Following the announcement late last month that Dzeko & Torres would be making some adjustments to their working arrangement, Dzeko is back this week to offer up his first single as a solo producer with “Liberty.” The duo revealed in the announcement that Torres would no longer be joining Dzeko on the live front, but both producers will still continue to release new music.

“Liberty” starts off with an uplifting horn melody set against gradually building percussion, creating an epic feeling as the song gets underway. Keeping with a minimal structure, Dzeko continues to loop the horn section motif throughout most of the tune as he layers in kinetic house rhythms and rolling bell patterns.

Fans were understandably nervous when the duo announced they would be switching things up, but “Liberty” makes it clear Dzeko is capable of carrying his weight on his own. Despite its repetitive structure, the new single shines with its upbeat vibes and earworm melodies, and should reassure fans that there is nothing to fear.

“Liberty” is out now on Tiësto‘s Musical Freedom imprint and can be purchased here.