Dzeko & Torres Announce Major Changes For The Future


Following up on their recent remix of FRENSHIP and Emily Warren‘s “Capsize” from earlier in the month, Dzeko & Torres surprised fans with a new announcement over the weekend regarding their career together. Taking to Facebook, the duo have explained that there will be some major changes for the future.

The post reveals that while the two producers will still work together, they’ll be switching up their working arrangement. They reveal that in addition to producing, Dzeko will carry the torch in regards to touring moving forward, while Torres will focus solely on producing and engineering. Fans will still be able to catch DJ sets from Dzeko, while both producers will be releasing new music in the future.

The announcement coincides with the release of a teaser for Dzeko’s upcoming single “Liberty,” which is due out December 12. In the forty second long preview, we can hear a raucous build up leading into a driving house drop led by an upbeat horn melody, and it sounds like a strong solo release for the producer.

It will be interesting to see how the new changes will effect Dzeko & Torres moving forward, but however it turns out, we’re glad to hear they’ll still be working together as a team.