EDC’s Stages Are About To Get A Whole Lot Crazier


Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is already known in the world of dance music as one of the biggest and best events, and the festival draws in thousands of music fans every year to Sin City. But for the 20th anniversary of EDC Las Vegas, Insomniac Events is planning to go all out and improve the already impressive stage designs used for the festival.

Talking about the new stage designs, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella explained what those in attendance can expect for the 20th anniversary of EDC Las Vegas.

[It’s] the biggest stage within EDC. It has largest production elements, it has the largest scenic elements. It’s 400 feet wide, it’s over 100 feet high. I’m hoping for the 20 Year Anniversary of EDC Las Vegas that we can blow your mind more than we ever have in the past. There’s an iconic piece that’s going to be in the middle of this stage that is using technology to the fullest. And it’s not going to be turned on right when you walk in. Later in the night, we’re gonna flip the switch. All I can say is prepare yourself.

What we know so far about the design upgrades is that NeonGarden will boast 50 foot tall ceilings to house an enormous disco ball, wasteLand will feature a post-apocalyptic San Francisco theme, the bassPOD stage will have beefed up pyrotechnics and circuitGrounds will be overhauled with a 360 degree setup three times as large as what was seen last year. Given all this, it’s safe to say that Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is about to get a whole lot crazier – and we couldn’t be more excited for it.