Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas To Be Facebook And YouTube Live Streamed


Nothing can compare to experiencing Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas in person, but in case you can’t make it, the festival’s organizers want to offer the next best thing. Insomniac will present EDC Live through Facebook and YouTube, bringing video of performances, wedding ceremonies and behind-the-scenes interviews to its audiences.

Facebook Live was rolled out earlier in the year as the the social media platform’s answer to services like Periscope. YouTube, meanwhile, has offered live streaming to brands like UMF TV and E3 in the past, making its involvement with Electric Daisy Carnival a no brainer.

As for Electric Daisy Carnival itself, the festival will take place from June 17th-19th at the Las Vegas Speedway in Nevada. The live stream will begin at 11:30 PM and end at 8:30 AM on each of those dates. Be sure to tune in and look out for our own coverage of the event in the days that follow.