Elephante Drops Lyric Video For “Catching On”


When Elephante dropped his collaboration with Nevve on “Catching On” last month, many felt that he’d delivered one of his catchiest singles yet on the jaunty dance pop tune. With its blend of catchy female vocals and shuffling beats, it was clear Elephante had a hit on his hands with the recent effort.

“Catching On” is back in the spotlight once again as Elephante delivers a new lyric video for the single. The clip features a simple concept as it follows a couple as they wander through a wooded area, as the song’s lyrics flash across the screen. Despite its bare bones nature, the video features nicely shot cinematography and fits the summery sound of the song.

Elephante certainly perked up our attention when he dropped “Catching On” and we’re glad to have a reason to revisit the tune. While it’s not the greatest clip ever released, it’s a suitable lyric video that has us excited for future releases from the producer.