Elephante Releases Debut EP I Am The Elephante


Rising producer Elephante has released his debut EP this week, delivering a staggering nine track collection dubbed I Am The Elephante. Material from the new EP had previously surfaced earlier in the summer with singles “Catching On” and “Hold,” offering up a fitting preview of the eclectic mix of dance and pop featured on the new release.

On his new effort, Elephante explores a wide range of sonic terrain under the dance music spectrum while maintaining an intrinsic pop appeal with excellent vocal collaborations throughout the tracklist. On “Dynasty,” he delivers a future bass production with soothing chopped up melodies and club ready trap rhythms, interspersed with vocal driven sections featuring MIIA. “Plans,” meanwhile, features some light tropical vibes as a twangy guitar riff echoes over rolling house beats, while Brandyn Burnette brings his smooth tenor to the mix.

“Sirens” is another collaboration with Nevve, and “Goliath” features an acoustic tinged sound with punchy tom rolls and acoustic guitar strums in the verses, leading into driving electro drops. Closing track “Shake The Earth” with Lyon Hart serves as one of the collection’s stronger offerings, striking the perfect balance between catchy hook driven pop and explosive dance floor material.

Overall, Elephante offers up some excellent productions on his debut EP while keeping things fresh with plenty of stylistic variation. If you like what you hear in the player above, you can grab your own copy of I Am The Elephante here.

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