Eminem Releases Politically-Charged Track “Campaign Speech”


It’s not election season without Eminem inserting himself somewhere in the equation. The always-outspoken rapper has been silent for quite a while (other than his feature on Skylar Grey’s new album), but he’s back with a bang today with the release of his politically-charged freestyle track, “Campaign Speech.”

“Campaign Speech” is hardly an Eminem “song” – think of it more as something he cooked up in a short amount of time and released for fun. The near eight minute track has the rapper locked and loaded as he spits a mile a second, addressing the upcoming election and his criticism for candidate Donald Trump. It’s a fiery, angry, and filled-with-emotion version of Eminem, but would you expect anything less?

If “Campaign Speech” isn’t your thing, have no fear: with the release of the freestyle, Eminem also mentioned on social media that a new album is on the way. Given all the election stuff going on, can we expect some politically themed songs like “White America” or “Mosh”? Whenever the album arrives – either by the end of this year or sometime in 2017 – it’ll be the first batch of new tunes from him since 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, and hopefully it’s going to be worth the wait.