Eptic And Habstrakt Drop Electro Banger “Lazor 3000”


Eptic and Habstrakt are two of the freshest up and comers in the bass music scene, serving as a staple of Never Say Die Records. The two producers, who previously collaborated on tracks like “Ninja Challenge” and “On The Block,” have teamed up again to release a new electro-hosue banger titled “Lazor 3000.”

“Lazor 3000” is a bass heavy dance cut, featuring aggressive sound design and electrifying percussion. Hard hitting bass stabs abound throughout the track, which ranges from four on the floor sections to half-time drops that draw on Dubstep. Fans will no doubt be pleased to hear the two producer’s joining forces again, and the resulting song is bound to have an explosive effect on the dance floor.

“Lazor 3000” is set to be featured on Eptic‘s upcoming Overlord EP, which is due for release on Never Say Die Records on June 24. You can download the new single here.