Eric Prydz Reveals His Favorite Tracks Of The Moment


To say that Eric Prydz has had a busy year would be an understatement. Over the last several months we’ve seen him drop a new Pryda EP, announce EPIC 5.0, and relaunch his EPIC radio show. Speaking of which, during the latest episode, Prdyz dropped a mix that showcases “five tracks that [he’s] really feeling at the moment,” in addition to featuring plenty of his own music.

EPIC Radio 016 features an hour of curated music from Prydz himself, featuring four Pryda tracks, two IDs, and a number of cuts from other artists. Throughout the mix, he works in music from the likes of Squire, 8kays, Cristoph, and Kevin Di Serna, before ending the episode with Depeche Mode’s 1981 song “Photographic.”

Aside from offering up insight into the Swedish DJs personal taste, the new episode of EPIC Radio is notable for another reason. Before Eric Prydz gets the music underway, he reveals that there’ll be some big announcements coming up in 2017, stating “I have a feeling this might be the best year yet.”

Naturally, we’ll be hyper vigilant in 2017 for any new Eric Prydz updates, so stay tuned.