Eric Prydz Teams Up With Knife Party’s Rob Swire On Breathe


Out of all the collaborations I could have expected to find myself writing about this weekend, Eric Prydz and Knife Party’s Rob Swire seem like as unlikely a combination of names as any. Stylistically speaking the two have little more in common than the fact that they both make electronic music, but have joined forces on “Breathe” nonetheless.

Prydz premiered the track on his recently debuted Beats 1 show. While replete with his signature synth arpeggios, “Breathe” features a markedly lower tempo than his other discography as well as testosterone-filled vocals reminiscent of Swire’s Pendulum-era releases. It’s refreshing to see that even both artists respective fan bases are for the most part mutually exclusive, they can respect each other’s craft enough to converge on a track like this in a way that ought to please both crowds.

Meanwhile, both artists are also on the brink of releasing albums – Eric Prydz in the form of his long-awaited self-titled debut effort and Swire in the form of Knife Party’s Trigger Warning EP.

Give the track a listen above and let us know what you think of “Breathe.”