Eric Prydz Teases Cirez D Vol. D

cirez-d-volume-d (1)

2015 has been a tremendous year for progressive house innovator Eric Prydz. The “Generate” producer has capped off a strong series of tours with the announcement of his debut album next month, with a series of EPs leading up to it. Clearly this wasn’t enough, because Prydz has announced yet another album under his Cirez D alias.

Other than that it’s titled Cirez D: Vol. D, little else is known about the upcoming effort. As with Prydz’ other releases under the alias, however, it stands to reason that this one will feature more of the dissonant techno associated with the moniker.

…Meanwhile, we’re just about due for Pryda Vol. III – the last and final of Prydz’ EPs leading up to his highly anticipated debut album. With any luck, the announcement of Cirez D: Vol. D won’t be the only thing for Eric Prydz fans to get excited about in the next couple of days.