Eric Prydz Teases New Pryda Material


2016 has been a year to remember for fans of techno guru Eric Prydz. The Swedish DJ and producer released his long awaited debut album Opus, followed by two EPs and his first ever essential mix under the Cirez D moniker. That’s enough to make any listener’s head spin, but he’s already gearing up for future releases as he teases new music under his alter alter ego Pryda.

Taking to Twitter, Eric Prydz shared some previews of the upcoming Pryda material, offering up three videos to get fans stoked for new music. In the videos we can hear the kind of expertly produced techno we’ve come to expect from the DJ, with arpeggiated synth melodies, mechanical rhythms and futuristic vibes. The captions on each Tweet create a timeline of sorts referencing various levels of completeness, with Prydz stating that he is “finishing stuff” and that “Pryda is coming.”

Eric Prydz is a producer who likes to keep himself busy and the fans are the ones who really benefit from his prolific studio schedule. We don’t know when to expect new Pryda material to be released, but we’ll definitely be looking forward to it.