Eric Prydz Tests Out New Tunes At EDC New York


When Eric Prydz releases new tracks, the world of dance music stops and listens. The Swede cast a wide net around an even younger generation of fans with the scope of last year’s EPIC 3.0 performance at Madison Square Gardens, and over this recent Memorial Day Weekend he took it upon himself to keep the momentum going by debuting a veritable wealth of new songs.

Unlike a lot of artists making their rounds on the 2015 festival circuit, Prydz doesn’t announce every unreleased track over the mic to build hype – so it’s difficult to discern new releases from edits, reworks and remixes while wading into the sea of arpeggiated progressive house in his EDC New York set. Suffice it to say, though, this is a good set to put on repeat a few times. Previous and upcoming releases under both his Pryda and Cirez D brands pervade throughout, with each track building onto the groove.

Seeing as how Prydz has announced that he will be releasing a self-titled album in October (following three monthly EPs featuring previously unreleased music from the ten years his label has been around), it’s safe to assume that many of the tracks in this performance will be available by the time festival season comes to a close.

Listen to Eric Prydz‘s set at EDC New York below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.