Eric Prydz Uploads Two New Tracks Through Cirez D Alias


Techno is definitely in vogue in 2016, making now as fitting a time as any for Eric Prydz to dust off his Cirez D alias for a new release. The Swedish progressive house mastermind has shared the two tracks comprising his upcoming Mouse 021 EP via SoundCloud, and both exude an introspective darkness with each throbbing rhythm.

The first track uploaded to the Eric Prydz account is “Century Of The Mouse,” which supplements greasy, filtered bass lines with a stripped-down synth arpeggio atypical of his ordinary releases. “In the Reds” follows with a scattering of stylistic hallmarks that sound somewhat more similar to what he usually puts out.

Prydz had played out “Century Of The Mouse” during the performances on his EPIC 4.0 tour, whose unprecedented stage show exposed his music to an even wider fanbase. Being that he released his artist album, Opus, shortly before the tour kicked off, each set demonstrated his stylistic range to be above and beyond that of a typical house or techno artist.

Eric Prydz will release the Cirez D EP Mouse 21 through his Mouseville Records imprint on May 30th, and fans can pre-order the album on vinyl here. He also has a deadmau5 collaboration in the works – but neither artist has revealed a title or official release date as of yet.