Erick Morillo’s Something For Carl Cox Will Satisfy Your Techno Fix


International house music icon Erick Morillo shouldn’t need an introduction. Between being the mind behind world-famous crossover tracks like his remix of “Muevolo” and “I Like To Move It” as far back as 1991 and reviving the NYC club scene before the turn of the millennium, the Colombian-American DJ producer’s reputation certainly precedes him.

Having resigned himself to hipster-friendly house and techno in recent years, Morillo’s only further bolstered his street cred – and “Something for Carl Cox” is no exception. A tastefully understated techno groove with entrancing atmospheric effects and an echoey vocal sample, the track evokes the feelings of the underground in a way that only a true, time-tested dance music veteran could pull off. The aural stimulation takes the listener on a powerful inward journey, building to ecstatic peaks that never seem to drop off.

Give Erick Morillo‘s “Something for Carl Cox” a listen in the player above and tell us, does it suit your fancy, or do you prefer the catchy hooks of more contemporary EDM? Let us know by sounding off in the comments.