Excision’s Paradox Stage Is The Future Of Production


Very rarely can anyone claim that their creation is the start of something wholly new and different. When it comes to dance music, melodic ideas are regurgitated, and the same goes for the production elements in live shows. However, every so often someone does escape the boundaries of creativity, and unleashes something that steals the attention of the entire community.

Porter Robinson did it with Worlds Live, Skrillex captivated us with The Cell, and Flying Lotus stole the show with 3D mapping. Now, Excision’s Paradox stage is shaping up to be the next innovation in visual stimulation.

We can’t say much as to what it’s like in-person, but everyone who has experienced it says it’s the most exhilarating show they’ve ever witnessed. Along with 150,000 watts of overcharged bass surging through the air, the stage utilizes 3D mapping and impeccably synchronized lasers, lights and LEDs to complete the engrossment.

After debuting the stage in Minneapolis, Excision has dropped a short trailer depicting the projected madness of the upcoming 40-date Paradox tour. Watch the clip above, and head to the producer’s official site for more information.